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  1. Applications need to be completed in one session. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of the information you provide, e.g., in a Word file.

  2. A number of fields require text and indicate the maximum number of words you may enter. We recommend that you first develop your answer offline and then copy and paste it in the appropriate places. 

  3. Once you have completed the application, be sure to submit it by clicking Submit at the end.

  4. All applications must be submitted in English.

  5. As part of your registration process, applicants are required to share the status of their registration through this social media link.      E.g. "Our team just applied to @SWC2020 #StartupWorldCup #YourCompanyName". The registration is confirmed once the SWC2020 Twitter Account has favorited your post on Twitter.

  6. The finalists will be selected based partially on the number of tweets (30%) and partially by the judging committee (70%). In order to get more social media points, you must hashtag both #StartupWorldCup and #YourCompanyName. Friends of the company can also tweet with those 2 hashtags to build towards your companies points

  7. sample pitch deck can be found here for reference

  8. Please download Startup World Cup PowerPoint Templates: Template 1 (16:9-Ratio) OR Template 2 (4:3-Ratio)

  9. Top startups who are selected as finalists to pitch on the stage will be announced on regional site and on social media pages.

  10. Read our Terms and Conditions here

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